Zaid helps founders leverage their identity as a value-creating super-asset.

Picture of Zaid Al Kazemi

“Dream to be, not to have.”

—Zaid Al Kazemi


Identity and Brand Consulting

Identity is the foundational spirit that animates a brand’s success, or failure. Zaid has helped thirty founders pursue successful identities and brand strategies.

Founders usually work with Zaid when they are looking to crystalize their ideas and communicate their vision to their key leaders, designers, and contractors before launching or expanding their business.

Zaid has helped serial-entrepreneurs, first-timers, and even politicians discover and refine a clear, concise, and value-creating identity, brand, and organizational-design strategy.

A consulting engagement with Zaid usually follows a two-part process:

  1. Identity Innovation Workshop

  2. Brand Strategy and Recommendations

To work with Zaid, just send an email using the contact form or directly to

Brand Identity Iceberg (

Identity Innovation Book

Zaid’s currently writing a book that aims to help aspiring business moguls establish a value-creating identity.

“Zaid has taken my mind from that 2% to 70%, so to say.

His skills in building and shaping a strategy that fits one’s vision, as well as the entity’s vision—is amazing.

I endorse his services to anyone out there looking to conceive, or clear up they’re business’s tracks for the train to move in the optimum route.”